How to Increase Web Traffic


How to increase website traffic

One of the most important but difficult aspects of running a website or blog is increasing your traffic. You have created a great website, wrote your best content but when you study your data (analytic data) you notice that you only get a few visitors per day. Why? Simply because your website promotion methods failed. Building a website is one thing but promoting it the right way is a totally different concept.

Website promotion or ranking on 1st page in search engine is challenging but rewarding. By utilizing the correct Internet Marketing techniques you can drive more traffic to your website.
We were born in the digital, multi-device, multichannel age. Digital marketing services are more than just a Facebook post or a Google Adword Campaign. Building trust with online community requires honesty, consistency, clarity, and transparency. Digital marketing is more than promoting your promotional content. Instead, it is created to build social norms for your business.
With the help of our reliable & proven SEO Strategies, we have the right skills and expertise for boosting your company’s organic search rankings, visibility and reach. Our company can help you in finding your target audience and measure the interest in your services.
Fortunately there are many ways to do this.

How NOT to promote your web site

I believe it will be more beneficial for you to discuss first how NOT to promote your web site,
• Link building schemes or networks
• Buying traffic
• Buying Facebook or twitter fans and followers
• Guest posting just for links
It is important to realize that unless you have created a super duper web site (like Pinterest for example) success will not come overnight. It will take time and effort to build your readership or customer base and ‘quick fix’ methods do not provide any long term benefit.

What is the risk of using any of the above methods?

• You will lose your money without having a real benefit
• Excessive link building or guest posting may lead to penalties (by Google and lose all your search engine traffic and the potential to increase your traffic using valid means)
• Buying Facebook likes may lead to penalties by Facebook.
• You will not have a clear picture as to the real value of your web site and what it can naturally do in terms of traffic and visits.

So, if the above methods don’t work how can I increase the number of visitors coming to my web site? This is where the fun part begins…

The power of Internet Marketing

creative contentMost popular ways to promote your web site:

There are many sources of traffic (besides search engine traffic) but many webmasters fail to utilize them correctly. Yes, search engine traffic is very important but it’s not the only way to promote your web site.
Effective offsite and onsite optimization using quality SEO
Tracking based on weekly basis to improve the effectiveness of your ranking:

Implementing Google Humming Bird

Unique SEO copywriting and content

Proper professional updates on the latest trends of SEO

    Track record based on SEO deliverables

    Detailed reports on keyword ranking and Google analytics

It is important that you optimise your web site for mobile and make it easy for users to find your brand while on the go.

Sources of traffic

  • Search engines:  There are three direct ways to increase your search engine traffic.
    The first and most important step is to optimise your web site for search engines and second by obtaining high quality links from other web sites (either naturally or through careful guest posting). The third method is to provide new content on a daily basis (or multiple times per day depending on the comfort) so as to create more loyal visitors and give search engine crawlers one more reason to visit your web site


  • Social Media:  Social media is a great tool to spread the word when you launch your web site or new content (or products). In order for your social media campaigns to be successful you need to have a large user base (fans, followers, and friends) and you also need to have good content.


  • Mobile Markets: Besides the growing use of mobiles during the last 5 years we have witness the birth and success of mobile markets. Apple and iPhone in particular have literally changed the mobile and tablet market and brought new opportunities for game developers and marketers.


  • Chrome App store:  Google Chrome is the most popular browser and has millions of users searching the Internet on a daily basis. Chrome has a web store as well and as it turns out it is a great source of traffic. Read about my experience with the Chrome web store here and also what you can expect in terms of traffic gains.


  • Amazon Kindle:  Amazon has been very successful with Kindle that took a step further and created their own operating system (based on Android) and market place (Amazon store) where you can download kindle books and apps for your Kindle device.How can amazon help you increase your web site traffic? You can create a kindle book and publish it on Amazon (for free) or a kindle app and publish it for free on the Amazon App Store. Kindle users who want to find out more about your web site or products will visit your web version as well.


  • YouTube and Slideshare:  People love videos and slideshows and in most cases they will prefer those media sources over reading plain text. Depending on your topic you can create your own Youtube channel or Slideshow and gain from an additional source of traffic.


  • Paid Advertising:  Advertising is a good way to put your products or brand in front of your customers. If you are running an online shop you can get new customers and if you are running a web site or blog you can get new subscribers and loyal visitors.
    Google Adwords and Facebook ads are the two products I am using to either spread the word about a new web site or increase my fan page and followers (more on this in a new post).


  • RSS Feeds:  RSS is not dead. A large number of people are still using RSS to stay informed or follow their favourite web sites. Web sites that managed to build a large number of RSS subscribers have fewer worries about SEO and other sources of traffic.
    Even if are having a facebook page, twitter or Google+ page you still need to provide your readers (or customers) with an RSS feed as well. Most blogging platforms have this embedded so your only task is to ensure that a subscribe button is visible in your web site!
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