We provide following services to our clients

New Projects

  • Identification of new project sites
  • Pre-feasibility studies and report submission based on site visits
  • Detailed hydrological study, power potential and energy generation study
  • Detailed topographical survey and investigation of project site
  • Projects estimation and detailed appraisal reports
  • Preparation of techno-economic feasibility report
  • Detailed civil designs and preapration of construction drwaings of civil components
  • Detailed designs and preparation of drawings of Hydro mechanical components
  • Supervision of construction site

Construction site

Rehabilitation & modernization of existing projects

  • Identification of project sites
  • Checking the designs of existing civil structure includes power house, Intake, water tanks, canals by performing independent design based on the actual construction
  • Finding errors in design, constrction, material quality
  • checking the stability of the structure for present use and its expected life
  • Finding out best possible rehabilitation solution for repair or extending the life of the existing site structure