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Case Study

S B Energy is well known company in Solar and Hydro power project.  The field they are related is very competitive. We design a prominent and simple website and provide On/Off SEO techniques. After diving into the website at onset of the marketing campaign, WRTPL was able to pinpoint opportunity for the brand specifically around certain ailments and their treatment or diagnosis.

The strategy included an integrated approach with SEO, Organic PR/Outreach, and Content, while working closely with the client to ensure priorities were aligned. The SEO campaign focused on a few core areas.

First, we improved the health of the website to boost rankings and revenue. The first step focused on cleaning up an extremely toxic and spammy backlink profile. Our Digital  team worked to secure highly relevant, quality links which would further improve the site’s backlink profile and pass authority. Building the site’s authority was crucial based on the highly competitive marketplace. Secondly, we developed a highly focused indexing strategy. Based on the highly competitive search regarding rooftop solar our indexing strategy focused on identifying less competitive keywords. However, these were keywords for which the client’s website could actually rank on page one. Although these less competitive keywords had lower search volumes, we were able to drive more qualified and engaged visitors, thus building a strong foundation and significantly increasing CTR. As the search engines crawled and indexed the site, the client gained rankings and eventually broke onto page one for the initial target keywords as well as the highly competitive keywords. Throughout the campaign, we consistently gained new keywords and moved keywords up. Once the top Organic traffic and revenue driving pages were optimized, we worked closely with the client team to identify top performing pages and target keywords based on PPC performance.


As we saw in our early efforts to rank for related keywords, ranking for short and long-tail keywords related to working area is extremely competitive. But the end result is always good.

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